31 May, 2011

No More Apples!

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Martin and Neil- professional fruit pickers.

At long last I have escaped Stanthorpe and I'm on the road once more. Heading north in search of warmer weather and more work. I have a big trip planed this Nov to Jan next year, so I still have a bit of saving to do. I'll find time for a few stops on route tho as I have about a 1500km road trip to ahead. Thats it for apple picking for now.

 Royal Galas.

 Stanthorpe is about 850m above sea level and gets pretty cold at night, so a good old fire is needed.

I have spent the last two weeks frantically picking capsicums before the first frosts. We nearly got the last of them in time, now they look rather sad. Hopefully this will be the last frosty morning I see for a while, it's not what I came to Australia fore. Tropical North Queensland here I come.

Finally- here's the Stanthorpe Brass Monkey, the towns emblem. They say it gets cold enough in Stanthorpe to freeze the ball off 'em.


  1. I can only imagine how tough that work was. Hope it didn't turn you off apples for good. Travel safely!

  2. Hi, I've been opening your site to look for new posts. It is nice to travel with you via your posts. Good luck.

  3. Sory I havn't posted of late. I've been stuck in one place for too long but will be on the move again soon. Can't wait.