30 October, 2010

Banana Dig

The illusion is fading away; that of being in some far-off tropical land. The first frosts of the year in the exotic garden are just around the corner. It’s time to start chopping, lifting and potting before ice blackens tender leaves.

As it’s now only a few weeks till I take to the skies, and like wise for Will, it’s all hands to the spade to prepare the garden for winter in record time. The bromylaids (Bromeliads) are drained of their pools of water, cracked-arses (Cacti) sheltered from the rain and purple bananas (Ensete v. ‘Maurelii’) dug, potted and stuffed in a heated dolly’s fun hole (polly tunnel). As if learning Latin plant names wasn’t taxing enough, here in the garden many things acquire alternative names and it’s not restricted solely to plants. Somehow, Jamie has become ‘Inflamed Knee’. I’m baffled too!